wrap — обертка



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v ru To enclose (an object) completely in any flexible, thin material such as fabric or paper.
v ru To enclose or coil around an object or organism, as a form of grasping.
A snake wraps itself around its prey.
v ru To conceal by enveloping or enfolding; to hide.
Other definitions (19)
v ru (video production) To finish shooting (filming) a video, television show, or movie.
v ru (lines, words, text, etc.) To break a continuous line (of text) onto the next line
I wrapped the text so that I wouldn't need to scroll to the right to read it.
v ru To make functionality available through a software wrapper.
v ru To (cause to) reset to an original value after passing a maximum.
The row counter wraps back to zero when no more rows can be inserted.
n ru A garment that one wraps around the body to keep oneself warm.
n ru A type of food consisting of various ingredients wrapped in a tortilla or pancake.
n ru (entertainment) The completion of all or a major part of a performance.
n ru A wraparound mortgage.
n ru A sharp blow with something hard.
The teacher gave the wayward pupil a rap across the knuckles with her ruler.
n ru Blame for something.
You can't act irresponsibly and then expect me to take the rap.
n ru A charge, whether or not it results in a conviction.
n ru A casual talk.
n ru Rap music.
n ru A song, verse, or instance of singing in the style of rap music.
n ru An appraisal.
a good/great/bad rap
n ru A positive appraisal; a recommendation.
He gave the novel quite a rap.
n ru A lay or skein containing 120 yards of yarn.
n ru Any of the tokens that passed current for a halfpenny in Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century; any coin of trifling value.
n ru A whit; a jot.
I don't care a rap.
That's not worth a rap.

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