worth — стоимость



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n ru Value.
I’ll have a dollar's worth of candy, please.
They have proven their worths as individual fighting men and their worth as a unit.
stocks having a worth of two million pounds
n ru Merit, excellence.
Our new director is a man whose worth is well acknowledged.
n ru Wealth, fortune, riches, property, possessions.
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adj ru Having a value of; proper to be exchanged for.
A painting worth thousands.
Cleanliness is a virtue worth more than others.
My house now is worth double what I paid for it.
adj ru Deserving of.
His friendship is not worth having.
I think you’ll find my proposal worth your attention.
adj ru (except in Scots) Valuable, worth while.
adj ru Making a fair equivalent of, repaying or compensating.
This job is hardly worth the effort.
v ru (except in set phrases) To be, become, betide.
Well worth thee, me friend.
What's worth of him now?
Woe worth the man that crosses me.

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