witness — свидетель



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n ru Attestation of a fact or event; testimony.
She can bear witness, since she was there at the time.
n ru One who sees or has personal knowledge of something.
As a witness to the event, I can confirm that he really said that.
n ru Someone called to give evidence in a court.
The witness for the prosecution did not seem very credible.
Other definitions (7)
n ru One who is called upon to witness an event or action, such as a wedding or the signing of a document.
The bridesmaid and best man at a wedding typically serve as the witnesses.
n ru Something that serves as evidence; a sign or token.
v ru To furnish proof of, to show.
1667: round he throws his baleful eyes / That witness'd huge affliction and dismay — John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book 1 ll. 56-7
This certificate witnesses his presence on that day.
v ru To take as evidence.
v ru To see or gain knowledge of through experience.
He witnessed the accident.
v ru (construed with to or for) To present personal religious testimony; to preach at (someone) or on behalf of.
v ru To see the execution of (a legal instrument), and subscribe it for the purpose of establishing its authenticity.
to witness a bond or a deed

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