wish — желание



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n ru A desire, hope, or longing for something or for something to happen.
n ru An expression of such a desire, often connected with ideas of magic and supernatural power.
n ru The thing desired or longed for.
My dearest wish is to see them happily married.
Еще значения (7)
n ru A water meadow.
v ru To desire; to want.
I'll come tomorrow, if you wish it.
v ru To hope (+ object clause with may or in present subjunctive).
v ru (followed by for) To hope (for a particular outcome).
v ru (ditransitive) To bestow (a thought or gesture) towards (someone or something).
We wish you a Merry Christmas.
v ru (followed by to and an infinitive) To request or desire to do an activity.
v ru To recommend; to seek confidence or favour on behalf of.

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