wind — ветер



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n ru Real or perceived movement of atmospheric air usually caused by convection or differences in air pressure.
As they accelerated onto the motorway, the wind tore the plywood off the car's roof-rack.
The wind blew through her hair as she stood on the deck of the ship.
The winds in Chicago are fierce.
There was a sudden gust of wind.
n ru Air artificially put in motion by any force or action.
the wind of a cannon ball;  the wind of a bellows
n ru The ability to breathe easily.
After the second lap he was already out of wind.
The fall knocked the wind out of him.
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n ru News of an event, especially by hearsay or gossip. (Used with catch, often in the past tense.)
Steve caught wind of Martha's dalliance with his best friend.
n ru One of the five basic elements in Indian and Japanese models of the Classical elements).
n ru Flatus.
Eww. Someone just passed wind.
n ru Breath modulated by the respiratory and vocal organs, or by an instrument.
n ru The woodwind section of an orchestra. Occasionally also used to include the brass section.
n ru A direction from which the wind may blow; a point of the compass; especially, one of the cardinal points, which are often called the "four winds".
n ru Types of playing-tile in the game of mah-jongg, named after the four winds.
n ru A disease of sheep, in which the intestines are distended with air, or rather affected with a violent inflammation. It occurs immediately after shearing.
n ru Mere breath or talk; empty effort; idle words.
n ru A bird, the dotterel.
n ru The region of the solar plexus, where a blow may paralyze the diaphragm and cause temporary loss of breath or other injury.
v ru To blow air through a wind instrument or horn to make a sound.
v ru To cause (someone) to become breathless, as by a blow to the abdomen, or by physical exertion, running, etc.
The boxer was winded during round two.
v ru To cause a baby to bring up wind by patting its back after being fed.
v ru To turn a boat or ship around, so that the wind strikes it on the opposite side.
v ru To expose to the wind; to winnow; to ventilate.
v ru To perceive or follow by scent.
The hounds winded the game.
v ru To rest (a horse, etc.) in order to allow the breath to be recovered; to breathe.
v ru To turn a windmill so that its sails face into the wind.
n ru The act of winding or turning; a turn; a bend; a twist.
v ru To turn coils of (a cord or something similar) around something.
to wind thread on a spool or into a ball
v ru To tighten the spring of a clockwork mechanism such as that of a clock.
Please wind that old-fashioned alarm clock.
v ru To entwist; to enfold; to encircle.
v ru To travel in a way that is not straight.
Vines wind round a pole.  The river winds through the plain.
v ru To have complete control over; to turn and bend at one's pleasure; to vary or alter or will; to regulate; to govern.
v ru To introduce by insinuation; to insinuate.
v ru To cover or surround with something coiled about.
to wind a rope with twine
v ru To cause to move by exerting a winding force; to haul or hoist, as by a winch.
v ru To turn (a ship) around, end for end.

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