wild — дикий



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n ru The undomesticated state of a wild animal
After mending the lion's leg, we returned him to the wild.
n ru (chiefly in the plural) a wilderness
v ru To commit random acts of assault, robbery, and rape in an urban setting, especially as a gang.
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adj ru Untamed; not domesticated; specifically, in an unbroken line of undomesticated animals (as opposed to feral, referring to undomesticated animals whose ancestors were domesticated).
Przewalski's horses are the only remaining wild horses.
adj ru From or relating to wild creatures.
wild honey
adj ru Unrestrained or uninhibited.
I was filled with wild rage when I discovered the infidelity, and punched a hole in the wall.
adj ru Raucous, unruly, or licentious.
The fraternity was infamous for its wild parties, which frequently resulted in police involvement.
adj ru Visibly and overtly anxious; frantic.
Her mother was wild with fear when she didn't return home after the party.
adj ru Disheveled, tangled, or untidy.
After a week on the trail without a mirror, my hair was wild and dirty.
adj ru Enthusiastic.
I'm not wild about the idea of a two day car trip with my nephews, but it's my only option.
adj ru Inaccurate.
The novice archer fired a wild shot and hit her opponent's target.
adj ru Exposed to the wind and sea; unsheltered.
a wild roadstead
adj ru Hard to steer; said of a vessel.
adj ru (of a knot) Not capable of being represented as a finite closed polygonal chain.
adj ru Amazing, awesome, unbelievable.
Did you hear? Pat won the lottery! - Wow, that's wild!
adj ru Able to stand in for others, e.g. a card in games, or a text character in computer pattern matching.
In this card game, aces are wild: they can take the place of any other card.
adv ru Inaccurately; not on target.
The javelin flew wild and struck a spectator, to the horror of all observing.
n ru A wood or forest
n ru An open country

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