when — когда

как только


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n ru The time at which something happens.
A good article will cover the who, the what, the when, the where, the why and the how.
adv ru (interrogative) At what time? At which time? Upon which occasion or circumstance? Used to introduce direct or indirect questions about time.
Do you know when they arrived?
I don't know when they arrived.
When they arrived is unknown.
When will they arrive?
adv ru At an earlier time and under different, usually less favorable, circumstances.
He's mister high and mighty now, but I remember him when.
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adv ru (relative) At which, on which, during which: often omitted or replaced with that.
That was the day when the Twin Towers fell.
pron ru (interrogative) What time; which time.
Since when do I need your permission?
pron ru The time that.
I recall when they were called the Greys.
Next year is when we elect a new mayor.
conj ru At (or as soon as) that time that; at the (or any and every) time that; if.
A player wins when she has four cards of the same suit.
A student is disqualified when they cheat.
Pavlov's dogs salivate when they hear a bell.
Put your pencil down when the timer goes off.
conj ru During the time that; at the time of the action of the following clause or participle phrase.
Be careful when crossing the street.
I'm happiest when I’m working.
It was raining when I came yesterday.
The game is over when the referee says it is.
They dream when they sleep.
When angry, count to ten before speaking or acting.
conj ru At what time; at which time.
I am here till Friday, when I leave for Senegal.
I was just walking down the street, when all of a sudden it started to rain.
conj ru Since; given the fact that; considering that.
I don't see the point of putting up Christmas decorations when I am the only person who is going to see them.
conj ru Whereas; although; at the same time as; in spite of the fact that.
He keeps changing things when the existing system works perfectly well.
You're picking at your scabs when you should be letting them heal.
inter ru That's enough, a command to stop adding something, especially an ingredient of food or drink.
inter ru Expressing impatience. (Compare what.)

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