wash — мытье



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n ru The process or an instance of washing or being washed by water or other liquid.
I'm going to have a quick wash before coming to bed.
My jacket needs a wash.
n ru A liquid used for washing.
n ru A lotion or other liquid with medicinal or hygienic properties.
hand wash
mouth wash
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n ru The quantity of clothes washed at a time.
There's a lot in that wash: maybe you should split it into two piles.
n ru A smooth and translucent painting created using a paintbrush holding a large amount of solvent and a small amount of paint.
n ru The sound of breaking of the seas, e.g., on the shore.
I could hear the wash of the wave.
n ru The wake of a moving ship.
Sail away from the wash to avoid rocking the boat.
The ship left a big wash
n ru The turbulence left in the air by a moving airplane.
n ru Ground washed away to the sea or a river.
n ru A piece of ground washed by the action of water, or sometimes covered and sometimes left dry; the shallowest part of a river, or arm of the sea; also, a bog; a marsh.
n ru A shallow body of water.
n ru In arid and semi-arid regions, the normally dry bed of an intermittent or ephemeral stream; an arroyo or wadi.
n ru A situation in which losses and gains or advantages and disadvantages are equivalent; a situation in which there is no net change.
n ru A fictitious kind of sale of stock or other securities between parties of one interest, or by a broker who is both buyer and seller, and who minds his own interest rather than that of his clients.
n ru Waste liquid, the refuse of food, the collection from washed dishes, etc., from a kitchen, often used as food for pigs; pigwash.
n ru In distilling, the fermented wort before the spirit is extracted.
n ru A mixture of dunder, molasses, water, and scummings, used in the West Indies for distillation.
n ru A thin coat of paint or metal laid on anything for beauty or preservation.
n ru The blade of an oar.
n ru The backward current or disturbed water caused by the action of oars, or of a steamer's screw or paddles, etc.
n ru Ten strikes, or bushels, of oysters.
n ru The upper surface of a member or material when given a slope to shed water; hence, a structure or receptacle shaped so as to receive and carry off water.
a carriage wash in a stable
n ru A lighting effect that fills a scene with a chosen colour.
n ru (stagecraft) A lighting fixture that can cast a wide beam of light to evenly fill an area with light, as opposed to a spotlight.
v ru To clean with water.
Dishwashers wash dishes much more efficiently than most humans.
The car is so dirty, we need to wash it.
v ru To move or erode by the force of water in motion.
Heavy rains wash a road or an embankment.
The flood washed away houses.
v ru To separate valuable material (such as gold) from worthless material by the action of flowing water.
v ru To clean oneself with water.
I wash every morning after getting up.
v ru To cover with water or any liquid; to wet; to fall on and moisten.
Waves wash the shore.
v ru To move with a lapping or swashing sound; to lap or splash.
to hear the water washing
v ru To be eroded or carried away by the action of water.
v ru To be cogent, convincing; to withstand critique.
v ru To bear without injury the operation of being washed.
Some calicoes do not wash.
v ru To be wasted or worn away by the action of water, as by a running or overflowing stream, or by the dashing of the sea; said of road, a beach, etc.
v ru To cover with a thin or watery coat of colour; to tint lightly and thinly.
v ru To overlay with a thin coat of metal.
steel washed with silver
v ru To cause dephosphorization of (molten pig iron) by adding substances containing iron oxide, and sometimes manganese oxide.
v ru To pass (a gas or gaseous mixture) through or over a liquid for the purpose of purifying it, especially by removing soluble constituents.

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