variety — разнообразие



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n ru The quality of being varied; diversity.
Variety is the spice of life.
n ru A specific variation of something.
n ru A number of different things.
Еще значения (9)
n ru A state of constant change.
n ru A rank in a taxonomic classification, below species and subspecies.
n ru The total number of distinct states of a system.
n ru Logarithm of the base 2 of the total number of distinct states of a system.
n ru A term used for a specific form of a language, neutral to whether that form is a dialect, accent, register, etc. and to its prestige level.
n ru (universal algebra) An equational class; the class of all algebraic structures of a given signature, satisfying a given set of identities.
n ru An algebraic variety.
n ru The kind of theatrical entertainment given in variety shows.
n ru The production of, or performance in, variety shows.

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