user — пользователь

пользование правом или вещью


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n ru One who uses or makes use of something, a consumer/client or an express or implied licensee (free user) or a trespasser.
n ru A person who uses drugs, especially illegal drugs.
n ru A person who uses a computer or a computing network, especially a person who has received a user account.
Еще значения (2)
n ru An exploiter, an abuser (a person who "uses" people, that is treats and regards people unfairly, selfishly and/or unethically).
n ru In land law, meaning either 1. or 2. above or use. Usually in singular form to mean use wherever there is assiduous re-use of precedents and aloof textbooks verbatim. Modern law, guarded against ambiguity, widely disfavors the term.

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