use — использование



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n ru The act of using.
The use of torture has been condemned by the United Nations.
n ru The act of consuming alcohol or narcotics.
n ru (followed by "of") Usefulness, benefit.
What's the use of a law that nobody follows?
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n ru A function; a purpose for which something may be employed.
This tool has many uses.
n ru Occasion or need to employ; necessity.
I have no further use for these textbooks.
n ru Interest for lent money; premium paid for the use of something; usury.
n ru Continued or repeated practice; usage; habit.
n ru Common occurrence; ordinary experience.
n ru The special form of ritual adopted for use in any diocese.
the Sarum, or Canterbury, use; the Hereford use; the York use; the Roman use; etc.
n ru (forging) A slab of iron welded to the side of a forging, such as a shaft, near the end, and afterward drawn down, by hammering, so as to lengthen the forging.
v ru To utilize or employ.
v ru To accustom; to habituate. (Now common only in participial form. Uses the same pronunciation as the noun; see usage notes.)
soldiers who are used to hardships and danger
to use the soldiers to hardships and danger
v ru (except in past tense) To habitually do; to be wont to do. (Now chiefly in past-tense forms; see used to.)
I used to get things done.
v ru To behave toward; to act with regard to; to treat.
to use an animal cruelly
v ru To behave, act, comport oneself.

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