trip — поездка



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n ru A journey; an excursion or jaunt
We made a trip to the beach.
n ru A stumble or misstep
He was injured due to a trip down the stairs.
n ru An error; a failure; a mistake
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n ru A period of time in which one experiences drug-induced reverie or hallucinations
He had a strange trip after taking LSD.
n ru A faux pas, a social error
n ru Intense involvement in or enjoyment of a condition
ego trip; power trip; nostalgia trip; guilt trip
n ru A mechanical cutout device
n ru A trip-switch or cut-out
It's dark because the trip operated.
n ru A quick, light step; a lively movement of the feet; a skip
trip the light fantastic <sup>W</sup>
n ru A small piece; a morsel; a bit
n ru The act of tripping someone, or causing them to lose their footing
n ru A single board, or tack, in plying, or beating, to windward
v ru To fall over or stumble over an object as a result of striking it with one's foot
Be careful not to trip on the tree roots.
v ru (sometimes followed by "up") to cause (a person or animal) to fall or stumble by knocking their feet from under them
A pedestrian was able to trip the burglar as he was running away.
v ru To be guilty of a misstep or mistake; to commit an offence against morality, propriety, etc
v ru To detect in a misstep; to catch; to convict
v ru To activate or set in motion, as in the activation of a trap, explosive, or switch
When we get into the factory, trip the lights.
v ru To be activated, as by a signal or an event
The alarm system tripped, throwing everyone into a panic.
v ru To experience a state of reverie or to hallucinate, due to consuming psychoactive drugs
After taking the LSD, I started tripping about fairies and colors.
v ru To journey, to make a trip
Last summer we tripped to the coast.
v ru To move with light, quick steps; to walk or move lightly; to skip
v ru To raise (an anchor) from the bottom, by its cable or buoy rope, so that it hangs free
v ru To pull (a yard) into a perpendicular position for lowering it
v ru (most commonly used in the form tripping) to become unreasonably upset, especially over something unimportant; to cause a scene or a disruption
adj ru Of or relating to trips
n ru A herd or flock of sheep, goats, etc.
n ru A troop of men; a host
n ru A flock of wigeons

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