trend — тенденция

иметь тенденцию


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n ru An inclination in a particular direction.
the trend of a coastline
the upward trend of stock-market prices
n ru A tendency.
There is a trend, these days, for people in films not to smoke.
n ru A fad or fashion style.
Miniskirts were one of the biggest trends of the 1960s.
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n ru A line drawn on a graph that approximates the trend of a number of disparate points.
n ru The lower end of the shank of an anchor, being the same distance on the shank from the throat that the arm measures from the throat to the bill.
n ru The angle made by the line of a vessel's keel and the direction of the anchor cable, when she is swinging at anchor.
v ru To have a particular direction; to run; to stretch; to tend.
The shore of the sea trends to the southwest.
v ru To cause to turn; to bend.
v ru To be the subject of a trend; to be currently popular, relevant or interesting.
What topics have been trending on social networks this week?
n ru Clean wool.
v ru To cleanse or clean (something, usually wool).

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