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n ru An act of tracing.
Your cell phone company can put a trace on your line.
n ru An enquiry sent out for a missing article, such as a letter or an express package.
n ru A mark left as a sign of passage of a person or animal.
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n ru A residue of some substance or material.
There are traces of chocolate around your lips.
n ru A very small amount.
All of our chocolates may contain traces of nuts.
n ru A current-carrying conductive pathway on a printed circuit board.
n ru An informal road or prominent path in an arid area.
n ru One of two straps, chains, or ropes of a harness, extending from the collar or breastplate to a whippletree attached to a vehicle or thing to be drawn; a tug.
n ru A connecting bar or rod, pivoted at each end to the end of another piece, for transmitting motion, especially from one plane to another; specifically, such a piece in an organ stop action to transmit motion from the trundle to the lever actuating the stop slider.
n ru (fortification) The ground plan of a work or works.
n ru The intersection of a plane of projection, or an original plane, with a coordinate plane.
n ru The sum of the diagonal elements of a square matrix.
n ru (grammar) An empty category occupying a position in the syntactic structure from which something has been moved, used to explain constructions such as wh-movement and the passive.
v ru To follow the trail of.
v ru To follow the history of.
v ru To draw or sketch lightly or with care.
He carefully traced the outlines of the old building before him.
v ru To copy onto a sheet of paper superimposed over the original, by drawing over its lines.
v ru To copy; to imitate.
v ru To walk; to go; to travel.
v ru To walk over; to pass through; to traverse.
v ru To follow the execution of the program by making it to stop after every instruction, or by making it print a message after every step.

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