toss — жеребьевка



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n ru A throw, a lob, of a ball etc., with an initial upward direction, particularly with a lack of care.
n ru The coin toss before a cricket match in order to decide who bats first, or before a football match in order to decide the direction of play.
n ru A haughty throwing up of the head.
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n ru (British slang) A jot, in the phrase 'give a toss'.
I couldn't give a toss about her.
n ru (British slang) A state of agitation; commotion.
n ru A measure of sprats.
v ru To throw with an initial upward direction.
Toss it over here!
v ru To lift with a sudden or violent motion.
to toss the head
v ru To agitate; to make restless.
v ru To subject to trials; to harass.
v ru To flip a coin, to decide a point of contention.
I'll toss you for it.
We should toss for it.
v ru To discard: to toss out
I don't need it any more; you can just toss it.
v ru To stir or mix (a salad).
to toss a salad; a tossed salad.
v ru (British slang) To masturbate
v ru To search (a room or a cell), sometimes leaving visible disorder, as for valuables or evidence of a crime.
"Someone tossed just his living room and bedroom." / "They probably found what they were looking for."
v ru To roll and tumble; to be in violent commotion.
tossing and turning in bed, unable to sleep
v ru To be tossed, as a fleet on the ocean, or as a ship in heavy seas.
v ru To keep in play; to tumble over.
to spend four years in tossing the rules of grammar
v ru To peak (the oars), to lift them from the rowlocks and hold them perpendicularly, the handle resting on the bottom of the boat.
v ru (British slang) To drink in large draughts; to gulp.

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