tore — цветоложе

полукруглый фриз


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adj ru Hard, difficult; wearisome, tedious.
adj ru Strong, sturdy; great, massive.
adj ru Full; rich.
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v ru To rend (a solid material) by holding or restraining in two places and pulling apart, whether intentionally or not; to destroy or separate.
He tore his coat on the nail.
v ru To injure as if by pulling apart.
He has a torn ligament.
He tore some muscles in a weight-lifting accident.
v ru To destroy or reduce abstract unity or coherence, such as social, political or emotional.
He was torn by conflicting emotions.
v ru To make (an opening) with force or energy.
A piece of debris tore a tiny straight channel through the satellite.
His boss will tear him a new one when he finds out.
The artillery tore a gap in the line.
v ru (often with off or out) To remove by tearing.
Tear the coupon out of the newspaper.
v ru (of structures, with down) To demolish
The slums were torn down to make way for the new development.
v ru To become torn, especially accidentally.
My dress has torn.
v ru To move or act with great speed, energy, or violence.
He tore into the backlog of complaints.
He went tearing down the hill at 90 miles per hour.
The tornado lingered, tearing through town, leaving nothing upright.
v ru To smash or enter something with great force.
The chain shot tore into the approaching line of infantry.
n ru The surface described by the circumference of a circle revolving about a straight line in its own plane.
n ru The solid enclosed by such a surface; an anchor ring.
n ru A topological space which is a product of two circles.
A 4-variable Karnaugh map can be thought of, topologically, as being a torus.
n ru The standard representation of such a space in 3-dimensional Euclidean space: a shape consisting of a ring with a circular cross-section: the shape of an inner tube or hollow doughnut.
n ru (in combination, n-torus, 4-torus, etc.) The product of the specified number of circles.
n ru A molding which projects at the base of a column and above the plinth.
n ru The end of the peduncle or flower stalk to which the floral parts (or in the Asteraceae, the florets of a flower head) are attached; receptacle, thalamus.
n ru A rounded ridge, especially one on the occipital bone.
n ru The dead grass that remains on mowing land in winter and spring.

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