tool — инструмент

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n ru A mechanical device intended to make a task easier.
Hand me that tool, would you?   I don't have the right tools to start fiddling around with the engine.
n ru Equipment used in a profession, e.g., tools of the trade.
These are the tools of the trade.
n ru Something to perform an operation; an instrument; a means.
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n ru A piece of software used to develop software or hardware, or to perform low-level operations.
The software engineer had been developing lots of EDA tools.   a tool for recovering deleted files from a disk
n ru A person or group which is used or controlled, usually unwittingly, by another person or group.
He was a tool, no more than a pawn to her.
n ru Penis.
n ru (by extension) An obnoxious or uptight person.
He won't sell us tickets because it's 3:01, and they went off sale at 3. That guy's such a tool.
v ru To work on or shape with tools, e.g., hand-tooled leather.
v ru To equip with tools.
v ru To work very hard.
v ru To put down another person (possibly in a subtle, hidden way), and in that way to use him or her to meet a goal.
Dude, he's not your friend. He's just tooling you.
v ru To intentionally attack the ball so that it deflects off a blocker out of bounds.
v ru To drive (a coach or other vehicle).
v ru To carry or convey in a coach or other vehicle.
v ru To travel in a vehicle; to ride or drive.

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