tie — галстук



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n ru A knot; a fastening.
n ru A knot of hair, as at the back of a wig.
n ru A necktie (item of clothing consisting of a strip of cloth tied around the neck). See also bow tie, black tie.
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n ru The situation in which two or more participants in a competition are placed equally.
It's two outs in the bottom of the ninth, tie score.
n ru A twist tie, a piece of wire embedded in paper, strip of plastic with ratchets, or similar object which is wound around something and tightened.
n ru A strong connection between people or groups of people.
the sacred ties of friendship or of duty
the ties of allegiance
n ru A structural member firmly holding two pieces together.
Ties work to maintain structural integrity in windstorms and earthquakes.
n ru A horizontal wooden or concrete structural member that supports and ties together rails.
n ru The situation at the end of all innings of a match where both sides have the same total of runs (different from a draw).
n ru A meeting between two players or teams in a competition.
The FA Cup third round tie between Liverpool and Cardiff was their first meeting in the competition since 1957.
n ru A curved line connecting two notes of the same pitch denoting that they should be played as a single note with the combined length of both notes.
n ru One or more equal values or sets of equal values in the data set.
n ru A bearing and distance between a lot corner or point and a benchmark or iron off site.
n ru A connection between two vertices.
n ru A tiewig.
v ru To twist (a string, rope, or the like) around itself securely.
Tie the rope to this tree.
Tie this rope in a knot for me, please.
v ru To form (a knot or the like) in a string or the like.
Tie a knot in this rope for me, please.
v ru To attach or fasten (one thing to another) by string or the like.
Tie him to the tree.
v ru To secure (something) by string or the like.
Tie your shoes.
v ru To have the same score or position as another in a competition or ordering.
They tied for third place.
They tied the game.
v ru To have the same score or position as (another) in a competition or ordering.
He tied me for third place.
v ru To unite (musical notes) with a line or slur in the notation.
v ru To believe; to credit.
v ru In the Perl programming language, to extend (a variable) so that standard operations performed upon it invoke custom functionality instead.

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