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pron ru (demonstrative) The thing, person, idea, quality, event, action or time indicated or understood from context, especially if more remote geographically, temporally or mentally than one designated as "this", or if expressing distinction.
He went home, and after that I never saw him again.
pron ru The known (thing); used to refer to something just said.
They're getting divorced. What do you think about that?
pron ru (demonstrative) The aforementioned quality or proposition; used to emphatically affirm or deny a previous statement or question.
The water is so cold! — That it is.
We think that you stole the tarts. — That I did not!
Would you like another piece of cake? — That I would!
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pron ru (relative) (plural that) Which, who; representing a subject, direct object, indirect object, or object of a preposition.
The CPR course that she took really came in handy.
The house that he lived in was old and dilapidated.
pron ru Used in place of relative adverbs such as where or when; often omitted.
the last time that I went to Europe
the place that I went last year

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