thick — толстый



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n ru The thickest, or most active or intense, part of something.
It was mayhem in the thick of battle.
n ru A thicket.
n ru A stupid person; a fool.
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v ru To thicken.
adj ru Relatively great in extent from one surface to the opposite in its smallest solid dimension.
adj ru Measuring a certain number of units in this dimension.
I want some planks that are two inches thick.
adj ru Heavy in build; thickset.
He had such a thick neck that he had to turn his body to look to the side.
adj ru Densely crowded or packed.
We walked through thick undergrowth.
adj ru Having a viscous consistency.
My mum’s gravy was thick but at least it moved about.
adj ru Abounding in number.
The room was thick with reporters.
adj ru Impenetrable to sight.
We drove through thick fog.
adj ru (Of an accent) Prominent, strong.
adj ru Stupid.
He was as thick as two short planks.
adj ru Friendly or intimate.
They were as thick as thieves.
adj ru Deep, intense, or profound.
Thick darkness.
adj ru Troublesome; unreasonable
adj ru (chiefly of women) Curvy and voluptuous, and especially having large hips.
adv ru In a thick manner.
Snow lay thick on the ground.
adv ru Frequently or numerously.
The arrows flew thick and fast around us.

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