tell — сказать



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n ru A reflexive, often habitual behavior, especially one occurring in a context that often features attempts at deception by persons under psychological stress (such as a poker game or police interrogation), that reveals information that the person exhibiting the behavior is attempting to withhold.
n ru That which is told; a tale or account.
n ru A private message to an individual in a chat room; a whisper.
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v ru (archaic outside of idioms) To count, reckon, or enumerate.
All told, there were over a dozen.  Can you tell time on a clock?  He had untold wealth.
v ru To narrate.
I want to tell a story;  I want to tell you a story.
v ru To convey by speech; to say.
Finally, someone told him the truth.  He seems to like to tell lies.
v ru To instruct or inform.
Please tell me how to do it.
v ru To order; to direct, to say to someone.
Tell him to go away.
v ru To discern, notice, identify or distinguish.
Can you tell whether those flowers are real or silk, from this distance?  No, there's no way to tell.
I can tell you're upset.
v ru To reveal.
Time will tell what became of him.
v ru To be revealed.
v ru To have an effect, especially a noticeable one; to be apparent, to be demonstrated.
Sir Gerald was moving slower; his wounds were beginning to tell.
v ru To use (beads or similar objects) as an aid to prayer.
v ru To inform someone in authority about a wrongdoing.
I saw you steal those sweets! I'm going to tell!
v ru (authorship) To reveal information in prose through outright expository statement -- contrasted with show
Maria rewrote the section of her novel that talked about Meg and Sage's friendship to have less telling and more showing.
n ru A hill or mound, originally and especially in the Middle East, over or consisting of the ruins of ancient settlements.

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