tea — чай

крепкий бульон
чайная смесь


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n ru A drug smoked or ingested for euphoric effect, cannabis.
After smoking a bowl of that fine marijuana, they ate some brownies.
n ru The hemp plant itself, Cannabis sativa.
n ru Food consumed before going to bed.
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n ru Any meal eaten in the evening; dinner eaten in the evening, rather than at noon.
n ru A meal from a chip shop consisting of a deep-fried food with chips.
a fish supper; a pizza supper
n ru A drinker, especially one who drinks slowly (i.e., one who sups).
n ru The tea plant (Camellia sinensis); a variety of this plant.
Darjeeling tea is grown in India.
n ru The dried leaves or buds of the tea plant; a variety of such leaves.
Go to the supermarket and buy some Darjeeling tea.
Not for all the tea in China.
n ru The drink made by infusing these dried leaves or buds in hot water.
Would you like some tea?
n ru Any similar drink made by infusing parts of various other plants.
camomile tea; mint tea
n ru Meat stock served as a hot drink.
beef tea
n ru A cup or (East Asia) glass of any of these drinks, often with milk, sugar, lemon, and/or tapioca pearls.
n ru A light midafternoon meal, typically but not necessarily including tea.
n ru The break in play between the second and third sessions.
Australia were 490 for 7 at tea on the second day.
n ru Information, especially gossip.
Spill the tea on that drama, hon.
v ru To drink tea.
v ru To take afternoon tea (the light meal).
n ru A moment, a historical unit of time from China, about the amount of time needed to quickly drink a traditional cup of tea. It is now found in Chinese-language historical fiction.

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