talk — говорить



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v ru To communicate, usually by means of speech.
Although I don't speak Chinese I managed to talk with the villagers using signs and gestures.
Let's sit down and talk.
v ru To discuss; to talk about.
That's enough about work, let's talk holidays!
They sat down to talk business.
v ru To speak (a certain language).
We talk French sometimes.
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v ru (chiefly used in progressive tenses) Used to emphasise the importance, size, complexity etc. of the thing mentioned.
Are you interested in the job? They're talking big money.
We're not talking rocket science here: it should be easy.
v ru To confess, especially implicating others.
She can be relied upon not to talk.
Suppose he talks?
They tried to make me talk.
v ru To criticize someone for something of which one is guilty oneself.
I am not the one to talk.
Look who's talking.
She is a fine one to talk.
You should talk.
v ru To gossip; to create scandal.
Aren't you afraid the neighbours will talk?
People will talk.
v ru (chiefly used in progressive tenses) To influence someone to express something, especially a particular stance or viewpoint or in a particular manner.
That's not like you at all, Jared. The drugs are talking. Snap out of it!
You're only sticking up for her because you like her; that's your penis talking.
n ru A conversation or discussion; usually serious, but informal.
We need to have a talk about your homework.
n ru A lecture.
There is a talk on Shakespeare tonight.
n ru Gossip; rumour.
There's been talk lately about the two of them.
n ru (preceded by the; often qualified by a following of) A major topic of social discussion.
She is the talk of the day.
The musical is the talk of the town.
n ru (preceded by the) A customary conversation by parent(s) or guardian(s) with their (often teenaged) child about a reality of life; in particular:
n ru (not preceded by an article) Empty boasting, promises or claims.
The party leader's speech was all talk.
n ru (usually plural) Meeting to discuss a particular matter.
The leaders of the G8 nations are currently in talks over nuclear weapons.

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