tale — рассказ



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n ru An account of an asserted fact or circumstance; a rumour; a report, especially an idle or malicious story; a piece of gossip or slander; a lie.
Don't tell tales!
n ru A rehearsal of what has occurred; narrative; discourse; statement; history; story.
the Canterbury Tales
n ru A number told or counted off; a reckoning by count; an enumeration.
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n ru The fraudulent opportunity presented by a confidence man to the mark or victim.
n ru Number; tally; quota.
n ru Account; estimation; regard; heed.
n ru Speech; language.
n ru A speech; a statement; talk; conversation; discourse.
n ru A count; declaration.
n ru A number of things considered as an aggregate; sum.
n ru A report of any matter; a relation; a version.
v ru To speak; discourse; tell tales.
v ru To reckon; consider (someone) to have something.
n ru Any of several units of measure used in China and elsewhere in eastern Asia, approximately 40 grams.
n ru Any of several monetary units equal to the equivalent weight in silver.
n ru Leung, a traditional unit of weight, in modern usage legally defined as 1/16 of a catty or kan (斤) or 0.0377993638 kilograms

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