swept — подметать



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v ru To clean (a surface) by means of a stroking motion of a broom or brush.
to sweep a floor, the street, or a chimney
v ru To move through a (horizontal) arc or similar long stroke.
The offended countess swept out of the ballroom.
The wind sweeps across the plain.
v ru To search (a place) methodically.
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v ru To travel quickly.
v ru To play a sweep shot.
v ru To brush the ice in front of a moving stone, causing it to travel farther and to curl less.
v ru To move something in a long sweeping motion, as a broom.
v ru To win (a series) without drawing or losing any of the games in that series.
v ru To defeat (a team) in a series without drawing or losing any of the games in that series.
v ru To remove something abruptly and thoroughly.
She swept the peelings off the table onto the floor.
The flooded river swept away the wooden dam.
The wind sweeps the snow from the hills.
v ru To brush against or over; to rub lightly along.
Their long descending train, / With rubies edg'd and sapphires, swept the plain.
v ru To carry with a long, swinging, or dragging motion; hence, to carry in a stately or proud fashion.
v ru To strike with a long stroke.
v ru To row with one oar to either the port or starboard side.
v ru To draw or drag something over.
to sweep the bottom of a river with a net
v ru To pass over, or traverse, with the eye or with an instrument of observation.
to sweep the heavens with a telescope
v ru (including) to vacuum a carpet or rug

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