sustain — поддерживать



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n ru A mechanism which can be used to hold a note, as the right pedal on a piano.
v ru To maintain, or keep in existence.
The city came under sustained attack by enemy forces.
The professor had trouble sustaining students’ interest until the end of her lectures.
v ru To provide for or nourish.
provisions to sustain an army
Еще значения (5)
v ru To encourage or sanction (something).
v ru To experience or suffer (an injury, etc.).
The building sustained major damage in the earthquake.
v ru To confirm, prove, or corroborate; to uphold.
to sustain a charge, an accusation, or a proposition
v ru To keep from falling; to bear; to uphold; to support.
A foundation sustains the superstructure; an animal sustains a load; a rope sustains a weight.
v ru To aid, comfort, or relieve; to vindicate.

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