surprise — сюрприз



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n ru Something unexpected.
It was a surprise to find out I owed twice as much as I thought I did.
n ru The feeling that something unexpected has happened.
Imagine my surprise on learning I owed twice as much as I thought I did.
n ru A dish covered with a crust of raised pastry, but with no other contents.
Еще значения (6)
v ru To cause (someone) to feel unusually alarmed or delighted by something unexpected.
It surprises me that I owe twice as much as I thought I did.
v ru To do something to (a person) that they are not expecting, as a surprise.
He doesn’t know that I’m in the country – I thought I’d turn up at his house and surprise him.
v ru To undergo or witness something unexpected.
He doesn’t surprise easily.
v ru To cause surprise.
v ru To attack unexpectedly.
v ru To take unawares.

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