support — поддержка



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n ru (sometimes attributive) Something which supports.
Don't move that beam! It's a support for the whole platform.
n ru Financial or other help.
The government provides support to the arts in several ways.
n ru Answers to questions and resolution of problems regarding something sold.
Sure they sell the product, but do they provide support?
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n ru In relation to a function, the set of points where the function is not zero, or the closure of that set.
n ru (fuzzy set theory) A set whose elements are at least partially included in a given fuzzy set (i.e., whose grade of membership in that fuzzy set is strictly greater than zero).
If the membership function of a fuzzy set is continuous, then that fuzzy set's support is an open set.
n ru Evidence.
The new research provides further support for our theory.
n ru Compatibility and functionality for a given product or feature.
This game has no mouse support.
n ru An actor playing a subordinate part with a star.
n ru An accompaniment in music.
n ru (structural analysis) Horizontal, vertical or rotational support of structures: movable, hinged, fixed.
v ru To keep from falling.
Don’t move that beam! It supports the whole platform.
v ru To answer questions and resolve problems regarding something sold.
Sure they sell the product, but do they support it?
v ru To back a cause, party, etc., mentally or with concrete aid.
I support France in the World Cup.
v ru To help, particularly financially.
The government supports the arts in several ways.
v ru To verify; to make good; to substantiate; to establish; to sustain.
The evidence will not support the statements or allegations.
The testimony is not sufficient to support the charges.
v ru To serve, as in a customer-oriented mindset; to give support to.
I don't make decisions, but I support those who do.
The IT Department supports the research organization, but not the sales force.
v ru To be designed (said of machinery, electronics, or computers, or their parts, accessories, peripherals, or programming) to function compatibly with or provide the capacity for.
Early personal computers did not support voice-recognition hardware or software.
v ru To be accountable for, or involved with, but not responsible for.
I support the administrative activities of the executive branch of the organization.
v ru To endure without being overcome; bear; undergo; to tolerate.
v ru To assume and carry successfully, as the part of an actor; to represent or act; to sustain.
to support the character of King Lear
n ru A position in which a gymnast is holding their body above the rings (or high bar, parallel bars...) usually with straight arms.

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