suicide — самоубийство

покончить с собой


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n ru Intentional killing of oneself.
n ru A particular instance of a person intentionally killing himself or herself, or of multiple people doing so.
n ru A person who has intentionally killed him/herself.
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n ru An action that could cause the literal or figurative death of a person or organization, although death is not the aim of the action.
n ru A beverage combining all available flavors at a soda fountain.
n ru A diabolo trick where one of the sticks is released and allowed to rotate 360° round the diabolo until it is caught by the hand that released it.
n ru A run comprising a series of sprints of increasing lengths, each followed immediately by a return to the start, with no pause between one sprint and the next.
The coach makes us run suicides at the end of each basketball practice.
n ru A children's game of throwing a ball against a wall and at other players, who are eliminated by being struck.
n ru Pertaining to a suicide bombing; as suicide belt, suicide vest
v ru To kill oneself intentionally.
v ru To kill (someone) and make their death appear to have been a suicide rather than a homicide (now especially as part of a conspiracy).
v ru To self-destruct.
adj ru Relating to suicide.

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