subject — подвергать



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adj ru Likely to be affected by or to experience something.
He's subject to sneezing fits.
Menu listings and prices are subject to change.
a country subject to extreme heat
adj ru Conditional upon.
The local board sets local policy, subject to approval from the State Board.
adj ru Placed or situated under; lying below, or in a lower situation.
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adj ru Placed under the power of another; owing allegiance to a particular sovereign or state.
n ru (grammar) In a clause: the word or word group (usually a noun phrase) that is dealt with. In active clauses with verbs denoting an action, the subject and the actor are usually the same.
In the sentence ‘The mouse is eaten by the cat in the kitchen.’, ‘The mouse’ is the subject, ‘the cat’ being the agent.
n ru An actor; one who takes action.
The subjects and objects of power.
n ru The main topic of a paper, work of art, discussion, field of study, etc.
n ru A particular area of study.
Her favorite subject is physics.
n ru A citizen in a monarchy.
I am a British subject.
n ru A person ruled over by another, especially a monarch or state authority.
n ru The main theme or melody, especially in a fugue.
n ru A human, animal or an inanimate object that is being examined, treated, analysed, etc.
n ru A being that has subjective experiences, subjective consciousness, or a relationship with another entity.
n ru That of which something is stated.
n ru The variable in terms of which an expression is defined.
Making x the subject of x<sup>2</sup> − 6x + 3y = 0, we have x = 3 ± √.
v ru (construed with to) To cause (someone or something) to undergo a particular experience, especially one that is unpleasant or unwanted.
I came here to buy souvenirs, not to be subjected to a tirade of abuse!
v ru To make subordinate or subservient; to subdue or enslave.

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