strong — сильный



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adj ru Capable of producing great physical force.
a big strong man; Jake was tall and strong
adj ru Capable of withstanding great physical force.
a strong foundation; good strong shoes
adj ru (of water, wind, etc.) Having a lot of power.
The man was nearly drowned after a strong undercurrent swept him out to sea.
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adj ru Determined; unyielding.
He is strong in the face of adversity.
adj ru Highly stimulating to the senses.
a strong light; a strong taste
adj ru Having an offensive or intense odor or flavor.
a strong smell
adj ru Having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient.
a strong cup of coffee; a strong medicine
adj ru (specifically) Having a high alcoholic content.
a strong drink
adj ru (grammar) Inflecting in a different manner than the one called weak, such as Germanic verbs which change vowels.
a strong verb
adj ru That completely ionizes into anions and cations in a solution.
a strong acid;  a strong base
adj ru Not easily subdued or taken.
a strong position
adj ru Having wealth or resources.
a strong economy
adj ru Impressive, good.
You're working with troubled youth in your off time? That’s strong!
adj ru Having a specified number of people or units.
The enemy's army force was five thousand strong.
adj ru (of a disease or symptom) Severe; very bad or intense.
adj ru Having a wide range of logical consequences; widely applicable. (Often contrasted with a weak statement which it implies.)
adj ru (of an argument) Convincing.
adv ru In a strong manner.

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