stretch — растягивать



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n ru An act of stretching.
I was right in the middle of a stretch when the phone rang.
n ru The ability to lengthen when pulled.
That rubber band has quite a bit of stretch.
n ru A course of thought which diverts from straightforward logic, or requires extraordinary belief or exaggeration.
It's a bit of a stretch to call Boris Karloff a comedian.
To say crossing the street was brave was quite a stretch.
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n ru A segment of a journey or route.
It was an easy trip except for the last stretch, which took forever.
It's a tough stretch of road in the winter, especially without chains.
n ru A segment or length of material.
a stretch of cloth
n ru A quick pitching delivery used when runners are on base where the pitcher slides his leg instead of lifting it.
n ru A long reach in the direction of the ball with a foot remaining on the base by a first baseman in order to catch the ball sooner.
n ru Term of address for a tall person.
n ru The homestretch, the final straight section of the track leading to the finish.
n ru A length of time.
n ru A stretch limousine.
v ru To lengthen by pulling.
I stretched the rubber band until it almost broke.
v ru To lengthen when pulled.
The rubber band stretched almost to the breaking point.
v ru To pull tight.
First, stretch the skin over the frame of the drum.
v ru To get more use than expected from a limited resource.
I managed to stretch my coffee supply a few more days.
v ru To make inaccurate by exaggeration.
To say crossing the street was brave is stretching the meaning of "brave" considerably.
v ru To extend physically, especially from limit point to limit point.
The beach stretches from Cresswell to Amble.
v ru To extend one’s limbs or another part of the body in order to improve the elasticity of one's muscles
Cats stretch with equal ease and agility beyond the point that breaks a man on the rack.
I always stretch my muscles before exercising.
v ru To extend to a limit point
His mustache stretched all the way to his sideburns.
v ru To increase.
v ru To stretch the truth; to exaggerate.
a man apt to stretch in his report of facts
v ru To sail by the wind under press of canvas.
The ship stretched to the eastward.
v ru To execute by hanging.
v ru To make great demands on the capacity or resources of something.

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