story — история



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n ru A sequence of real or fictional events; or, an account of such a sequence.
The book tells the story of two roommates.
n ru A lie, fiction.
You’ve been telling stories again, haven’t you?
n ru (usually pluralized) A soap opera.
What will she do without being able to watch her stories?
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n ru History.
n ru A sequence of events, or a situation, such as might be related in an account.
I tried it again; same story, no error message, nothing happened.
The images it captured help tell a story of extreme loss: 25 percent of its ice and four of its 19 glaciers have disappeared since 1957.
What's the story with him?
n ru A chronological collection of pictures or short videos published by a user on an application or website that is typically only available for a short period.
v ru To tell as a story; to relate or narrate about.
n ru A building; an edifice.
n ru A floor or level of a building or ship.
For superstitious reasons, many buildings number their 13th storey as 14, bypassing 13 entirely.
a multi-storey car park
n ru A vertical level in certain letters, such as a and g.
The IPA symbol for a voiced velar stop is the single-storey , not the double-storey .
n ru A building or edifice.
n ru A floor or level of a building; a storey.
Our shop was on the fourth story of the building, so we had to install an elevator.

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