stop — остановка



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n ru A (usually marked) place where buses, trams or trains halt to let passengers get on and off, usually smaller than a station.
They agreed to meet at the bus stop.
n ru An action of stopping; interruption of travel.
That stop was not planned.
n ru That which stops, impedes, or obstructs; an obstacle; an impediment.
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n ru A device intended to block the path of a moving object
door stop
n ru A consonant sound in which the passage of air through the mouth is temporarily blocked by the lips, tongue, or glottis.
n ru A symbol used for purposes of punctuation and representing a pause or separating clauses, particularly a full stop, comma, colon or semicolon.
n ru A knob or pin used to regulate the flow of air in an organ.
The organ is loudest when all the stops are pulled.
n ru One of the vent-holes in a wind instrument, or the place on the wire of a stringed instrument, by the stopping or pressing of which certain notes are produced.
n ru A very short shot which touches the ground close behind the net and is intended to bounce as little as possible.
n ru The depression in a dog’s face between the skull and the nasal bones.
The stop in a bulldog's face is very marked.
n ru A part of a photographic system that reduces the amount of light.
n ru A unit of exposure corresponding to a doubling of the brightness of an image.
n ru An f-stop.
n ru The diaphragm used in optical instruments to cut off the marginal portions of a beam of light passing through lenses.
n ru A coup d'arret, or stop thrust.
v ru To cease moving.
I stopped at the traffic lights.
v ru To not continue.
Soon the rain will stop.
The riots stopped when police moved in.
v ru To cause (something) to cease moving or progressing.
The sight of the armed men stopped him in his tracks.
This guy is a fraudster. I need to stop the cheque I wrote him.
v ru To cease; to no longer continue (doing something).
One of the wrestlers suddenly stopped fighting.
Please stop telling me those terrible jokes.
v ru To cause (something) to come to an end.
The referees stopped the fight.
v ru To close or block an opening.
He stopped the wound with gauze.
v ru (often with "up" or "down") To adjust the aperture of a camera lens.
To achieve maximum depth of field, he stopped down to an f-stop of 22.
v ru To stay; to spend a short time; to reside or tarry temporarily.
He stopped at his friend's house before continuing with his drive.
He stopped for two weeks at the inn.
to stop with a friend
v ru To regulate the sounds of (musical strings, etc.) by pressing them against the fingerboard with the finger, or otherwise shortening the vibrating part.
v ru To punctuate.
v ru To make fast; to stopper.
n ru A small well-bucket; a milk-pail.
adj ru Being or relating to the squark that is the superpartner of a top quark.

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