stick — придерживаться



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n ru An elongated piece of wood or similar material, typically put to some use, for example as a wand or baton.
n ru Any roughly cylindrical (or rectangular) unit of a substance.
Sealing wax is available as a cylindrical or rectangular stick.
n ru Material or objects attached to a stick or the like.
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n ru A tool, control, or instrument shaped somewhat like a stick.
n ru A stick-like item:
n ru Ability; specifically:
n ru A person or group of people. (Perhaps, in some senses, because people are, broadly speaking, tall and thin, like pieces of wood.)
n ru Encouragement or punishment, or (resulting) vigour or other improved behavior.
n ru A measure.
v ru To cut a piece of wood to be the stick member of a cope-and-stick joint.
v ru To compose; to set, or arrange, in a composing stick.
to stick type
v ru To furnish or set with sticks.
n ru The traction of tires on the road surface.
n ru The amount of fishing line resting on the water surface before a cast; line stick.
n ru A thrust with a pointed instrument; a stab.
v ru To become or remain attached; to adhere.
The tape will not stick if it melts.
v ru To jam; to stop moving.
The lever sticks if you push it too far up.
v ru To tolerate, to endure, to stick with.
v ru To persist.
His old nickname stuck.
v ru Of snow, to remain frozen on landing.
v ru To remain loyal; to remain firm.
Just stick to your strategy, and you will win.
v ru To hesitate, to be reluctant; to refuse (in negative phrases).
v ru To be puzzled (at something), have difficulty understanding.
v ru To cause difficulties, scruples, or hesitation.
v ru To attach with glue or as if by gluing.
Stick the label on the jar.
v ru To place, set down (quickly or carelessly).
Stick your bag over there and come with me.
v ru To press (something with a sharp point) into something else.
The balloon will pop when I stick this pin in it.
to stick a needle into one's finger
v ru To fix on a pointed instrument; to impale.
to stick an apple on a fork
v ru To adorn or deck with things fastened on as by piercing.
v ru To perform (a landing) perfectly.
Once again, the world champion sticks the dismount.
v ru To propagate plants by cuttings.
Stick cuttings from geraniums promptly.
v ru (joinery) To run or plane (mouldings) in a machine, in contradistinction to working them by hand. Such mouldings are said to be stuck.
v ru To bring to a halt; to stymie; to puzzle.
to stick somebody with a hard problem
v ru To impose upon; to compel to pay; sometimes, to cheat.
v ru To have sexual intercourse with.
v ru To stand pat: to cease taking any more cards and finalize one's hand.
adj ru Likely to stick; sticking, sticky.
A sticker type of glue. The stickest kind of gum.
n ru Criticism or ridicule.

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