steel — сталь



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n ru An artificial metal produced from iron, harder and more elastic than elemental iron; used figuratively as a symbol of hardness.
n ru Any item made of this metal, particularly including:
n ru Medicinal consumption of this metal; chalybeate medicine; (eventually) any iron or iron-treated water consumed as a medical treatment.
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n ru Varieties of this metal.
n ru (colors) The gray hue of this metal; steel-gray, or steel blue.
n ru Extreme hardness or resilience.
v ru To edge, cover, or point with steel.
v ru To harden or strengthen; to nerve or make obdurate; to fortify against.
v ru (of mirrors) To back with steel.
v ru To treat a liquid with steel for medicinal purposes.
v ru To press with a flat iron.
v ru To cause to resemble steel in appearance.
v ru To steelify; to turn iron into steel.
v ru To electroplate an item, particularly an engraving plate, with a layer of iron.
v ru To sharpen with a honing steel.
adj ru Made of steel.
adj ru Similar to steel in color, strength, or the like; steely.
adj ru Of or belonging to the manufacture or trade in steel.
adj ru Containing steel.
adj ru Engraved on steel.
proper noun ru Coldbath Fields Prison in London, closed in 1877.

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