stay — пребывание



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n ru Continuance or a period of time spent in a place; abode for an indefinite time; sojourn.
I hope you enjoyed your stay in Hawaii.
n ru A postponement, especially of an execution or other punishment.
The governor granted a stay of execution.
n ru A stop; a halt; a break or cessation of action, motion, or progress.
stand at a stay
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n ru A fixed state; fixedness; stability; permanence.
n ru A station or fixed anchorage for vessels.
n ru Restraint of passion; prudence; moderation; caution; steadiness; sobriety.
n ru Hindrance; let; check.
v ru To prop; support; sustain; hold up; steady.
v ru To support from sinking; to sustain with strength; to satisfy in part or for the time.
v ru To stop; detain; keep back; delay; hinder.
v ru To restrain; withhold; check; stop.
v ru To cause to cease; to put an end to.
v ru To put off; defer; postpone; delay; keep back.
The governor stayed the execution until the appeal could be heard.
v ru To hold the attention of.
v ru To bear up under; to endure; to hold out against; to resist.
v ru To wait for; await.
v ru To remain for the purpose of; to stay to take part in or be present at (a meal, ceremony etc.).
v ru To rest; depend; rely.
v ru To stop; come to a stand or standstill.
v ru To come to an end; cease.
That day the storm stayed.
v ru To dwell; linger; tarry; wait.
v ru To make a stand; to stand firm.
v ru To hold out, as in a race or contest; last or persevere to the end.
That horse stays well.
v ru To remain in a particular place, especially for a definite or short period of time; sojourn; abide.
We stayed in Hawaii for a week.  I can only stay for an hour.
v ru To wait; rest in patience or expectation.
v ru (used with on or upon) To wait as an attendant; give ceremonious or submissive attendance.
v ru To continue to have a particular quality.
Wear gloves so your hands stay warm.
v ru To live; reside
Hey, where do you stay at?
n ru A prop; a support.
n ru A piece of stiff material, such as plastic or whalebone, used to stiffen a piece of clothing.
Where are the stays for my collar?
n ru (in the plural) A corset.
n ru A fastening for a garment; a hook; a clasp; anything to hang another thing on.
n ru A strong rope or wire supporting a mast, and leading from one masthead down to some other, or other part of the vessel.
n ru A guy, rope, or wire supporting or stabilizing a platform, such as a bridge, a pole, such as a tentpole, the mast of a derrick, or other structural element.
The engineer insisted on using stays for the scaffolding.
n ru The transverse piece in a chain-cable link.
v ru To brace or support with a stay or stays
stay a mast
v ru To incline forward, aft, or to one side by means of stays.
v ru To tack; put on the other tack.
to stay ship
v ru To change; tack; go about; be in stays, as a ship.
adj ru Steep; ascending.
adj ru (of a roof) Steeply pitched.
adj ru Difficult to negotiate; not easy to access; sheer.
adj ru Stiff; upright; unbending; reserved; haughty; proud.
adv ru Steeply.

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