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n ru A stopping place.
n ru A place where workers are stationed.
n ru Any of the Stations of the Cross.
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n ru The Roman Catholic fast of the fourth and sixth days of the week, Wednesday and Friday, in memory of the council which condemned Christ, and of his passion.
n ru A church in which the procession of the clergy halts on stated days to say stated prayers.
n ru Standing; rank; position.
She had ambitions beyond her station.
n ru A broadcasting entity.
I used to listen to that radio station.
n ru A harbour or cove with a foreshore suitable for a facility to support nearby fishing.
n ru Any of a sequence of equally spaced points along a path.
n ru The particular place, or kind of situation, in which a species naturally occurs; a habitat.
n ru An enlargement in a shaft or galley, used as a landing, or passing place, or for the accommodation of a pump, tank, etc.
n ru Post assigned; office; the part or department of public duty which a person is appointed to perform; sphere of duty or occupation; employment.
n ru The position of the foetal head in relation to the distance from the ischial spines, measured in centimetres.
n ru The fact of standing still; motionlessness, stasis.
n ru The apparent standing still of a superior planet just before it begins or ends its retrograde motion.
v ru (usually passive) To put in place to perform a task.
I was stationed on the pier.
The host stationed me at the front door to greet visitors.
v ru To put in place to perform military duty.
I was stationed at Fort Richie.
They stationed me overseas just as fighting broke out.

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