start — начало



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n ru The beginning of an activity.
The movie was entertaining from start to finish.
n ru A sudden involuntary movement.
He woke with a start.
n ru The beginning point of a race, a board game, etc.
Captured pieces are returned to the start of the board.
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n ru An appearance in a sports game, horserace, etc., from the beginning of the event.
Jones has been a substitute before, but made his first start for the team last Sunday.
n ru A young plant germinated in a pot to be transplanted later.
n ru An initial advantage over somebody else; a head start.
to get, or have, the start
v ru To begin, commence, initiate.
v ru To begin an activity.
The rain started at 9:00.
v ru To have its origin (at), begin.
The blue line starts one foot away from the wall.
The speed limit is 50 km/h, starting at the edge of town.
v ru To startle or be startled; to move or be moved suddenly.
v ru To break away, to come loose.
v ru To put into play.
v ru To pour out; to empty; to tap and begin drawing from.
to start a water cask
v ru To start one's periods (menstruation).
Have you started yet?
n ru A tail, or anything projecting like a tail.
n ru A handle, especially that of a plough.
n ru The curved or inclined front and bottom of a water wheel bucket.
n ru The arm, or level, of a gin, drawn around by a horse.

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