spread — распространение



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n ru The act of spreading.
n ru Something that has been spread.
n ru A layout, pattern or design of cards arranged for a reading.
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n ru An expanse of land.
n ru A large tract of land used to raise livestock; a cattle ranch.
n ru A piece of material used as a cover (such as a bedspread).
n ru A large meal, especially one laid out on a table.
n ru (bread, etc.) Any form of food designed to be spread, such as butters or jams.
n ru Food improvised by inmates from various ingredients to relieve the tedium of prison food.
n ru An item in a newspaper or magazine that occupies more than one column or page.
n ru Two facing pages in a book, newspaper etc.
n ru A numerical difference.
n ru The difference between the wholesale and retail prices.
n ru The difference between the price of a futures month and the price of another month of the same commodity.
n ru The purchase of a futures contract of one delivery month against the sale of another futures delivery month of the same commodity.
n ru The purchase of one delivery month of one commodity against the sale of that same delivery month of a different commodity.
n ru An arbitrage transaction of the same commodity in two markets, executed to take advantage of a profit from price discrepancies.
n ru The difference between bidding and asking price.
n ru The difference between the prices of two similar items.
n ru An unlimited expanse of discontinuous points.
n ru The surface in proportion to the depth of a cut gemstone.
v ru To stretch out, open out (a material etc.) so that it more fully covers a given area of space.
He spread his newspaper on the table.
v ru To extend (individual rays, limbs etc.); to stretch out in varying or opposing directions.
I spread my arms wide and welcomed him home.
v ru To disperse, to scatter or distribute over a given area.
I spread the rice grains evenly over the floor.
v ru To proliferate; to become more widely present, to be disseminated.
v ru To disseminate; to cause to proliferate, to make (something) widely known or present.
The missionaries quickly spread their new message across the country.
v ru To take up a larger area or space; to expand, be extended.
I dropped my glass; the water spread quickly over the tiled floor.
v ru To smear, to distribute in a thin layer.
She liked to spread butter on her toast while it was still hot.
v ru To cover (something) with a thin layer of some substance, as of butter.
He always spreads his toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam.
v ru To prepare; to set and furnish with provisions.
to spread a table
v ru To open one’s legs, especially for sexual favours.

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