spit — плевать



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n ru A thin metal or wooden rod on which meat is skewered for cooking, often over a fire.
n ru A generally low, narrow, pointed, usually sandy peninsula.
v ru To impale on a spit; to pierce with a sharp object.
to spit a loin of veal
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v ru To use a spit to cook; to attend to food that is cooking on a spit.
She’s spitting the roast in the kitchen.
n ru A sudden impact or blow.
n ru The shock and noise produced by violently closing a door or other object.
n ru A slam dunk.
n ru An insult.
I don't mean this as a slam, but you can be really impatient sometimes.
n ru The yellow iron silicate produced in alum works as a waste product.
n ru A poetry slam.
n ru A slambook.
n ru The refuse of alum works.
n ru A subgenre of death metal with elements of hardcore punk focusing on midtempo rhythms, breakdowns and palm-muted riffs
n ru A type of card game, also called ruff and honours.
n ru A card game, played all at once without separate turns, in which players attempt to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible according to certain rules.
n ru Losing or winning all the tricks in a game.
n ru A bid of six (small slam) or seven (grand slam) in a suit or no trump.
n ru Winning all (or all but one) of the available, major or specified events in a given year or sports season.
n ru A shambling fellow.
n ru Saliva, especially when expectorated.
There was spit all over the washbasin.
n ru An instance of spitting; specifically, a light fall of rain or snow.
n ru A person who exactly resembles someone else (usually in set phrases; see spitting image)
v ru To evacuate (saliva or another substance) from the mouth, etc.
v ru To emit or expel in a manner similar to evacuating saliva from the mouth; specifically, to rain or snow slightly.
a hot pan spitting droplets of fat
v ru To utter (something) violently.
v ru (hip-hop) To rap, to utter.
v ru To make a spitting sound, like an angry cat.
n ru The depth to which the blade of a spade goes into the soil when it is used for digging; a layer of soil of the depth of a spade's blade.
n ru The amount of soil that a spade holds; a spadeful.
v ru To dig (something) using a spade; also, to turn (the soil) using a plough.
v ru To plant (something) using a spade.
v ru To dig, to spade.

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