spend — тратить



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n ru Amount of money spent (during a period); expenditure.
I’m sorry, boss, but the advertising spend exceeded the budget again this month.
n ru (in the plural) Expenditures; money or pocket money.
n ru Discharged semen.
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n ru Vaginal discharge.
v ru To pay out (money).
He spends far more on gambling than he does on living proper.
v ru To bestow; to employ; often with on or upon.
v ru To squander.
to spend an estate in gambling
v ru To exhaust, to wear out.
The violence of the waves was spent.
v ru To consume, to use up (time).
My sister usually spends her free time in nightclubs.
We spent the winter in the south of France.
v ru To have an orgasm; to ejaculate sexually.
The fish spends his semen on eggs which he finds floating and whose mother he has never seen.
v ru To waste or wear away; to be consumed.
Energy spends in the using of it.
v ru To be diffused; to spread.
v ru To break ground; to continue working.

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