spell — заклинание



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n ru Words or a formula supposed to have magical powers.
He cast a spell to cure warts.
n ru A magical effect or influence induced by an incantation or formula.
under a spell
n ru Speech, discourse.
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v ru To put under the influence of a spell; to affect by a spell; to bewitch; to fascinate; to charm.
v ru To read (something) as though letter by letter; to peruse slowly or with effort.
v ru (sometimes with “out”) To write or say the letters that form a word or part of a word.
v ru To be able to write or say the letters that form words.
I find it difficult to spell because I'm dyslexic.
v ru Of letters: to compose (a word).
The letters “a”, “n” and “d” spell “and”.
v ru (with “out”) To clarify; to explain in detail.
Please spell it out for me.
v ru To indicate that (some event) will occur.
This spells trouble.
v ru To constitute; to measure.
v ru To speak, to declaim.
v ru To tell; to relate; to teach.
n ru A shift (of work); a set of workers responsible for a specific turn of labour.
n ru A definite period (of work or other activity).
n ru An indefinite period of time (usually with a qualifier); by extension, a relatively short distance.
n ru A period of rest; time off.
n ru A period of illness, or sudden interval of bad spirits, disease etc.
n ru An uninterrupted series of alternate overs bowled by a single bowler.
v ru To work in place of (someone).
to spell the helmsman
v ru To rest (someone or something), to give someone or something a rest or break.
They spelled the horses and rested in the shade of some trees near a brook.
v ru To rest from work for a time.
n ru A splinter, usually of wood; a spelk.
n ru The wooden bat in the game of trap ball, or knurr and spell.

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