special — специальный

очень уж
экстренный выпуск


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n ru A reduction in consumer cost (usually for a limited time) for items or services rendered.
We're running a special on turkey for Thanksgiving.
n ru One of a rotation of meals systematically offered for a lower price at a restaurant.
Today's special is our tuna melt on rye.
n ru Unusual or exceptional episode of a series.
Did you see the Christmas special?
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n ru A special constable.
n ru Anything that is not according to normal practice, plan, or schedule, as an unscheduled run of transportation that is normally scheduled.
Thousands came to see the special that carried the President's coffin.
n ru Any unlicensed medicine produced or obtained for a specific individual patient.
n ru A correspondent; a journalist sent to the scene of an event to report back.
n ru A dispatch sent back by a special correspondent.
n ru A light that illuminates a specific person or thing on the stage.
v ru (nursing) To supervise a patient one-on-one.
adj ru Distinguished by a unique or unusual quality.
a special episode of a television series
adj ru Of particular personal interest or value; dear; beloved.
Everyone is special to someone.
adj ru Of or related to learning or intellectual disabilities.
He goes to a special school.
adj ru Constituting or relating to a species.
The seven dark spots is a special property unique to Coccinella septempunctata.
adj ru Chief in excellence.
adj ru Of or related to unconventional warfare, as in "special forces" and "special operations".

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