spat — размолвка

устричная икра
метать икру


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v ru To evacuate (saliva or another substance) from the mouth, etc.
v ru To emit or expel in a manner similar to evacuating saliva from the mouth; specifically, to rain or snow slightly.
a hot pan spitting droplets of fat
v ru To utter (something) violently.
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v ru (hip-hop) To rap, to utter.
v ru To make a spitting sound, like an angry cat.
n ru The spawn of shellfish, especially oysters and similar molluscs.
n ru A juvenile shellfish which has attached to a hard surface.
v ru To spawn. Used of shellfish as above.
n ru (often in the plural) A covering or decorative covering worn over a shoe.
n ru A piece of bodywork that covers the upper portions of the rear tyres of a car.
n ru A brief argument, falling out, quarrel.
get into a trivial spat over punctuality
have a vicious spat with the cousins
v ru To quarrel or argue briefly.
n ru A light blow with something flat.
v ru To strike with a spattering sound.
v ru To slap, as with the open hand; to clap together, as the hands.
n ru An obsolete unit of distance in astronomy (symbol S), equal to one billion kilometres.

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