sound — звук



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adj ru Healthy.
He was safe and sound.
In horse management a sound horse is one with no health problems that might affect its suitability for its intended work.
adj ru Complete, solid, or secure.
Fred assured me the floorboards were sound.
adj ru Having the property of soundness.
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adj ru Good; acceptable; decent.
"How are you?" - "I'm sound."
See that man over there? He's sound. You should get to know him.
That's a sound track you're playing.
adj ru (of sleep) Quiet and deep. Sound asleep means sleeping peacefully, often deeply.
Her sleep was sound.
adj ru Heavy; laid on with force.
a sound beating
adj ru Founded in law; legal; valid; not defective.
a sound title to land
adv ru Soundly.
inter ru Yes; used to show agreement or understanding, generally without much enthusiasm.
n ru A sensation perceived by the ear caused by the vibration of air or some other medium.
He turned when he heard the sound of footsteps behind him.  Nobody made a sound.
n ru A vibration capable of causing such sensations.
n ru A distinctive style and sonority of a particular musician, orchestra etc
n ru Noise without meaning; empty noise.
n ru Earshot, distance within which a certain noise may be heard.
Stay within the sound of my voice.
v ru To produce a sound.
When the horn sounds, take cover.
v ru To convey an impression by one's sound.
He sounded good when we last spoke.
That story sounds like a pack of lies!
v ru To be conveyed in sound; to be spread or published; to convey intelligence by sound.
v ru To resound.
v ru (often with in) To arise or to be recognizable as arising in or from a particular area of law.
v ru To cause to produce a sound.
He sounds the instrument.
Sound the alarm!
v ru (of a vowel or consonant) To pronounce.
The "e" in "house" isn't sounded.
n ru A long narrow inlet, or a strait between the mainland and an island; also, a strait connecting two seas, or connecting a sea or lake with the ocean.
Puget Sound; Owen Sound
n ru The air bladder of a fish.
Cod sounds are an esteemed article of food.
n ru A cuttlefish.
n ru An instrument for probing or dilating; a sonde.
n ru A long, thin probe for sounding body cavities or canals such as the urethra.
v ru Dive downwards, used of a whale.
The whale sounded and eight hundred feet of heavy line streaked out of the line tub before he ended his dive.
v ru To ascertain, or try to ascertain, the thoughts, motives, and purposes of (a person); to examine; to try; to test; to probe.
When I sounded him, he appeared to favor the proposed deal.
v ru Test; ascertain the depth of water with a sounding line or other device.
Mariners on sailing ships would sound the depth of the water with a weighted rope.
v ru To examine with the instrument called a sound or sonde, or by auscultation or percussion.
to sound a patient, or the bladder or urethra

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