something — что-то



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n ru An object whose nature is yet to be defined.
n ru An object whose name is forgotten by, unknown or unimportant to the user, e.g., from words of a song. Also used to refer to an object earlier indefinitely referred to as 'something' (pronoun sense).
v ru Applied to an action whose name is forgotten by, unknown or unimportant to the user, e.g. from words of a song.
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adj ru Having a characteristic that the speaker cannot specify.
adv ru (degree) Somewhat; to a degree.
The baby looks something like his father.
adv ru (degree) To a high degree.
pron ru An uncertain or unspecified thing; one thing.
I have a feeling something good is going to happen today.
I have something for you in my bag.
I must have forgotten to pack something, but I can't think what.
pron ru (of someone or something) A quality to a moderate degree.
That child is something of a genius.
The performance was something of a disappointment.
pron ru (of a person) A talent or quality that is difficult to specify.
She has a certain something.
pron ru (often with really or quite) Somebody who or something that is superlative or notable in some way.
- Some marmosets are less than six inches tall. - Well, isn't that something?
He's really something! I've never heard such a great voice.
She's quite something. I can't believe she would do such a mean thing.

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