solid — твердый

твердое тело


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n ru A substance in the fundamental state of matter that retains its size and shape without need of a container (as opposed to a liquid or gas).
n ru A three-dimensional figure (as opposed to a surface, an area, or a curve).
n ru A favor.
I owe him; he did me a solid last year.
Please do me a solid: lend me your car for one week.
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n ru An article of clothing which is of a single color throughout.
I prefer solids over paisleys.
n ru (in the plural) Food which is not liquid-based.
The doctor said I can't eat any solids four hours before the operation.
adj ru (of an object or substance) That can be picked up or held, having a texture, and usually firm. Unlike a liquid or a gas.
Almost all metals are solid at room temperature.
adj ru Large in size, quantity, or value.
adj ru Lacking holes, hollows or admixtures of other materials.
solid chocolate
solid gold
adj ru Strong or unyielding.
a solid foundation
adj ru Excellent, of high quality, or reliable.
I don't think Dave would have done that. He's a solid dude.
Radiohead's on tour! Have you heard their latest album yet? It's quite solid.
That's a solid plan.
adj ru Hearty; filling.
a solid meal
adj ru Worthy of credit, trust, or esteem; substantial; not frivolous or fallacious.
adj ru Financially well off; wealthy.
adj ru Sound; not weak.
a solid constitution of body
adj ru Written as one word, without spaces or hyphens.
American English writes many words as solid that British English hyphenates.
adj ru Not having the lines separated by leads; not open.
adj ru United; without division; unanimous.
The delegation is solid for a candidate.
adj ru Of a single color throughout.
He wore a solid shirt with floral pants.
John painted the walls solid white.
adj ru (of drawn lines) Continuous; unbroken; not dotted or dashed.
The solid lines show roads, and the dotted lines footpaths.
adj ru Having all the geometrical dimensions; cubic.
A solid foot contains 1,728 solid inches.
adv ru Solidly.
adv ru Without spaces or hyphens.
Many long-established compounds are set solid.

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