so — так

таким образом
так что


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adj ru True, accurate.
That is so.  You are responsible for this, is that not so?
adj ru In that state or manner; with that attribute. A proadjective that replaces the aforementioned adjective phrase.
adj ru Homosexual.
Is he so?
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adv ru To the (explicitly stated) extent that.
It was so hot outside that all the plants died.  He was so good, they hired him on the spot.
adv ru To the (implied) extent.
I need a piece of cloth so long.
adv ru In a particular manner.
Place the napkin on the table just so. If that's what you mean, then say so;.
adv ru In the same manner or to the same extent as aforementioned; also.
Just as you have the right to your free speech, so I have the right to mine.  Many people say she's the world's greatest athlete, but I don't think so.  "I can count backwards from one hundred." "So can I."
adv ru With as To such an extent or degree; as.
so far as;  so long as;  so much as
conj ru In order that.
Eat your broccoli so you can have dessert.
conj ru With the result that; for that reason; therefore.
He ate too much cake, so he fell ill.
He wanted a book, so he went to the library.
I was hungry so I asked if there was any more food.
“I need to go to the bathroom.” ―“So go!”
conj ru Provided that; on condition that, as long as.
inter ru Used after a pause for thought to introduce a new topic, question or story.
So, let's go home.
So, there was this squirrel stuck in the chimney...
So, what'll you have?
inter ru Short for so what.
"You park your car in front of my house every morning." — "So?"
inter ru Used to connect previous conversation or events to the following question.
So how does this story end?
So, everyone wants to know - did you win the contest or not?
inter ru Used to introduce a rhetorical question.
We'd like to visit but I don't know if we can afford a hotel. —So who's staying in a hotel? Stay with us.
inter ru Be as you are; stand still; used especially to cows; also used by sailors.
pron ru Some person.
Can someone help me, please?
n ru A syllable used in solfège to represent the fifth note of a major scale.
n ru (foods) A type of dairy product, made especially in Japan between the seventh and 10th centuries, by reducing milk by boiling it.

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