smooth — гладкий



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n ru Something that is smooth, or that goes smoothly and easily.
n ru A smoothing action.
n ru A domestic animal having a smooth coat.
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n ru A member of an anti-hippie fashion movement in 1970s Britain.
n ru The analysis obtained through a smoothing procedure.
v ru To make smooth or even.
v ru To make straightforward or easy.
v ru To calm or palliate.
to smooth a person's temper
v ru (image processing, digital audio) To capture important patterns in the data, while leaving out noise.
v ru To stroke; especially to stroke an animal's fur.
Can I smooth your cat?
adj ru Having a texture that lacks friction. Not rough.
adj ru Without difficulty, problems, or unexpected consequences or incidents.
We hope for a smooth transition to the new system.
adj ru Bland; glib.
adj ru Flowing or uttered without check, obstruction, or hesitation; not harsh; fluent.
adj ru (of a person) Suave; sophisticated.
adj ru (of an action) Natural; unconstrained.
adj ru (of a motion) Unbroken.
adj ru (chiefly of water) Placid, calm.
adj ru (of an edge) Lacking projections or indentations; not serrated.
adj ru (of food or drink) Not grainy; having an even texture.
adj ru (of a beverage) Having a pleasantly rounded flavor; neither rough nor astringent.
adj ru (of a function) Having derivatives of all finite orders at all points within the function’s domain.
adj ru (of a number) That factors completely into small prime numbers.
adj ru (of a vowel) Lacking marked aspiration.
adj ru (of muscles) Involuntary and non-striated.
adv ru Smoothly.

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